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Hummingbird Project

Do you know an exceptional young woman who would make a great global citizen? 

If the answer is yes, encourage her to apply to become a part of future G3W Hummingbird Project classes.  Recruitment for 2023 is opening soon.   You can find information about the program below. 

• G3W Hummingbird Project • Program Overview

• Candidate Requirements ​

• What is G3W Hummingbird Project?

The Hummingbird Project is a grassroots initiative, resulting from the partnership between local and national leaders and recognized non-governmental organizations within the host country.  Global Girls Global Women, G3W is a registered nonprofit organization whose mission is to debunk the stereotypes of global citizenship making the world a better place for women of all ethnicities.  

In 2019, the inaugural class of the G3W Hummingbird Project launched to help teen girls, from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia, become global citizens. Prior to each global excursion, participants are required to complete a 6-month curriculum, highlighting the concerns of girls and women around the globe.  At the conclusion of the 6-month curriculum, participants must display a firm understanding of the materials presented as a prerequisite to global travel with G3W.   The G3W Hummingbird Project curriculum covers, global travel safety, business etiquette, personal finance, cultural norms and more. 


• Program Overview

The G3W Hummingbird Project is a two-year commitment. 

Participants will have an opportunity to travel globally with G3W each year of their enrollment.  Through this project, young women are equipped with the leadership skills needed to become the next generation of global leaders.  G3W Hummingbird Project participants engage in humanitarian volunteer efforts stateside and abroad.  

• What are the candidate requirements?  

The G3W Hummingbird Project invites young women 13 to 21 years old to apply to become a part of our global citizenship program, which will give them unique opportunities to grow.  Each year we invite young ladies, 13 to 21 years old, to apply for a chance to fill the 10 positions for the G3W Hummingbird Project.  

Applicants must be full-time or part-time students in good standing.  (This includes vocational/trade schools.)  

We accept applicants from all states.  Priority is given to residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland or Northern Virginia.

Participants will meet with influential global leaders, social activists, and trailblazers in business, politics and media. Throughout the curriculum, participants are exposed to effective leadership and communications training, and are tasked to work together to find real world solutions to real world problems. 

• How do young ladies apply for a seat in the upcoming class? 

We will be accepting applications soon.  Join our mailing list and be first to receive announcements about this phenomenal program.