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Our founder, Jeri Dyson, M.D., is a physician, author and global speaker who travels the world speaking to youth about the influence of girls and women in many Nations.  

Dr. Jeri created Global Girls Global Women, G3W, after seeing the impact global travel had on her own life.  The elimination of sex trafficking, child brides, poor education and health disparities are just a few of the causes that have led her to nations like Fiji, Ghana, Senegal and Papua New Guinea.

The G3W Hummingbird Project was created in 2016 to expose young ladies from the U.S. to the concerns of other women through global travel.   Our motto: "Opening Minds through Global Travel" stresses the importance of cross-cultural sensitivity.    

Our Mission

G3W is a dedicated to responding to the suffering of girls and women around the world, by giving them access to tools that will lead to their future economic empowerment.

G3W broadens the horizons of young ladies by providing leadership skills through trainings, cultural explorations and global travel.  

Our Vision
Who We Are

Global Girls Global Women, Inc. (G3W) is a nonprofit established to expose urban girls ages 16-21 from Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia to other cultures through global travel.