G3W Hummingbird Project

The G3W Hummingbird Project is a curriculum designed to help urban girls, age 16 to 21, from DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia see themselves as global citizens.  This  is accomplished  through world class trainings, cultural exploration,  and global travel.  Our program broadens the horizons of these young ladies while debunking the stereotypes of global citizenship.  


During each trip the young ladies will explore designated nations and engage in humanitarian efforts by volunteering while in-country.

G3W is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization dedicated to responding to the suffering of girls around the world by giving them access to tools that will lead to economic empowerment for themselves and their families.

Nominate a girl or young lady from your community to become part of the G3W Hummingbird Project today!

Make your tax deductible donation to Global Girls Global Women, Inc. (G3W) and help young girls of today become global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Prior to each global excursion, young ladies are required to complete a 6-month program which highlights travel safety and concerns of women in the countries we will visit.  Our participants learn the best methods to engage citizens of other cultures, making the world a better place for women of all ethnicities.